How a Rocket Scientist Can Believe in God

If you're going to believe it with all your heart, it ought to make sense.

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Preface: What is the Intent of this Treatise?

1. Tough Questions

2. Is the First Cause Personal?

a. Can There Be Multiple Gods?
b. Does God Think?
c. Is God Infinite?

3. Can God think at least as well as me? The Big Picture.

a. Is God Personal?
b. Where is God with respect to His Creations?
c. Is God inside Time or not?  - 30 Jan 2007
d. How many Persons are there in God and Why? - 30 Jan 2007
            i. Explain the Mystery of the Trinity to me.

            ii. A Rocket Scientist’s Explanation of the Trinity – 24 April 2007

            iii. Resulting Correspondence Regarding the Trinity - September, 2007

e. What is Reality?
f. How could Christ be God and Die?
g. Why did Christ need to Die? Why did Christ need to be Resurrected? – 17 Dec 2008
            i. Historical Review of explanations for Christ's death

4. Why is the Bible a valid source of truth?

a. Some Spin-off Questions about the Bible
b. Making Sense out of some Biblical accounts
            i. A Biblical Contradiction?
            ii. Some Thoughts on God's Perspective
c. How Accurate is the Bible Scientifically?
d. Creation vs. Evolution
e. Interpreting the Biblical Creation Account
f. Is Evolution really Good Science?
            i. The Case Against Evolution
            ii. More Interesting Notes on Dating Rocks
Molecular Machines: Evidence of Intelligent Design
g. How Some Refute these Criticisms of the Theory of Evolution -
            i. An Alternate View of Evolution Theory
h. What Rationale could Justify a Young Earth?
            i. Was there a Global Flood? **
            ii. What about the Kangaroos? **
            iii. What about the Water Vapor Canopy? **
i. Interpreting the Biblical Genealogies of Ge 5 & 11

5. Thoughts on Evil and Free-Will

a. What is "Evil" and Where did It Come from?
b. What about Temptations?
c. Do we Really Have Free Will Now?
            i. Will We Have Free Will in Heaven?
d. There is a Power in the Occult that really Works  Jan 2009
e. Discerning Truth from Error / What about UFOs?
f. The UFO Mystery Resolved
            Draft Article in progress, "UFOs and Things that go Bump in the Night"
g. Channeling is for Contacting Fallen Angels
h. Some Notes on Hinduism in America
            i. Altered States of Consciousness

6. The Sin Drama and Why God Created Man in the First Place  Jan 2009

a. How could Sin Arise in a Perfect Angel World?
b. The Plan of Salvation for Humans
c. What is this Eternal Gospel Message?
d. What is Different in the Angel Universe after this Universe is Ended?
e. Does God really Know Everything?
f. A Summary of the Plan of Salvation

g. What is This Plan of Salvation?  8 Dec 2008

h. What is the Significance of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”? – 8 Dec 2008

i. The Meaning of Life – 2 Feb 2007

7. Does God Intervene in our Lies?

a. The Witch of Endor
b. What about Balaam?
c. What about all those Killings in the Bible?
d. A Recap of the Big Picture Model

8. Is there Other Life in Our Universe outside of us?

a. Where are the Angels?

9. The Mystery of Sex

10. Observable Dilemmas for Evolutionary Theories


Appendix A:

1. Scientific Dating Schemes

a. All About Ice Cores
b. The Usefulness of Carbon 14 for Dating
c. Evidence of a Young Earth
d. An Alternate View of the Great Flood (Discussions in progress)

2. A Different Model

3. Where did Cain get his Wife?

4. The Seven Cards of Life

5. The Devil Made Me Do It

6. The Question of Time

7. To Be Absent from the Body

8. Some Questions from the initial reviewers

9. Blaspheming Against the Holy Spirit

10. Why God is so Serious about Remembering the Sabbath

a. Executive Summary Response
b. Has the Sabbath Day Changed?
c. Why is any Day so Important to God?
d. The Big Picture Explanation for the significance of a Seventh Day Sign
e. How is the First Sin connected to the 7th Day Sabbath Scenario?

f. Origins of the 7-day Week  -  27 Feb 2007

Appendix B: Questions from Christians

1. Did Jesus Know He was God and When?

2. What is Satan's mission on Earth and his Definition of Success? (TBS)

3. What is the "hell" that Christ spoke about?

4. Why is there such grief in this world?

5. How can we Distinguish Truth from Error?

6. What is the relationship between Christ and Michael?

7. Does our Faith need to Make Sense?

8 What did Christ Uniquely do to Keep the Sabbath Day Holy?

Appendix C: Conversations with Atheists (TBS)

1. Conversations with Glen

2. Some Email Debates

3. An Atheist on the Big Bang and the Big Picture and Time – 27 Oct 2008

Appendix D: Notes on the Book of Revelation

1. Abstract on the Book of Revelation

2. Revelation 12

3. Revelation 13

4. The USA as mentioned in Revelation 13

5. Overall Conclusions from Revelation 12 & 13

6. The Three Angels' Messages

Appendix E: Some Notes on Islam and Terrorists

1. Basic Issues between Islam and Christianity – 25 Nov 2006

2.One Man's Terrorists is Another's Freedom Fighter

3. Important Facts about Islam

Appendix F: Some Discussion with Agnostics

1. Would a Personal God have Purpose to his Creations?
            - Is the Bible a Credible source of Revealing this Purpose?

Appendix G: Daniel 8: A Novel Interpretation of Daniel 8 Prophecies

1. The 2300 Days and the Sanctuary - Aug 2006

2. When Did the 2300-year Prophecy Start  - Aug 2006

3. What Happened in 1844?  - Aug 2006

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